The Canada Gazette has been published as the official publication of the Government of Canada since 1841 and all issues since the beginning are available to Canadians. Please note that the Portable Document Format (PDF) versions of the Canada Gazette, Part Ⅰ, Part Ⅱ and Part Ⅲ published on line has been official only since April 1, 2003.

1841 – 2008

1841 – 1997

Issues of the Canada Gazette published prior to 1998 have been digitized and are available for consultation on the ARCHIVED – Library and Archives Canada (LAC) - A Nation's Chronicle: The Canada Gazette Web page. Printed copies of these issues are also available at LAC or a full depository library.

1998 – 2008

As of January 1st, 2013, the Canada Gazette Directorate (CGD) will keep the last five years of the HyperText Mark-up Language (HTML) and PDF version of the Canada Gazette on its Web site. The PDF versions published online prior to those years will be housed on the Government of Canada Publications Web site, and will still be accessible and searchable using the search tool on the Canada Gazette Web site.

Part Ⅰ Part Ⅱ Part Ⅲ