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Message from the Acting
Queen's Printer

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This book is about the commitment of a government to inform its citizens. At the center of this promise is a single official newspaper, the Canada Gazette. With the publication of this book, we commemorate 160 years of coordinating, producing, publishing and distributing the Canada Gazette. In that time, it has captured a unique place in the evolving history of our country - yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Although Communication Canada is now responsible for the Canada Gazette Public Works and Government Services Canada has played a leading role in this commitment. Since 1869, the Queen's Printer has had the responsibility of publishing the Canada Gazette. Since that time, the Queen's Printer has been an officer of the Department appointed by the Minister of Public Works and Government Services. In its rich and steady history, the Canada Gazette has been a source of information giving every Canadian the ability to have a voice in the activities of government.

Through Canada's challenging years of growth as a nation, the Canada Gazette served as a central building block in the relationship between the federal government and Canadian citizens. Its texts are brimming with fascinating details of exceptional moments in our history.

The Canada Gazette has kept up with a population that can now push a button and look to a computer screen to get information. The Government On-Line agenda encouraged the Canada Gazette to go one step further, by connecting all Canadians - including persons with disabilities and Canadians in remote regions - to the laws and regulations that affect us all.

Marking the Canada Gazette's place in the history of Canada also compels us to look forward. The years ahead will bring more challenges and more improvements to the Canada Gazette. There is no doubt that the Canada Gazette will continue to proudly serve Canadians.

Original signed by:
Pierre G. Tremblay, Ph.D.

A/Queen's Printer for Canada
Communications Services Sector
Communication Canada

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