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Getting the Word Out:
160 Years of the Canada Gazette

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Many aspects of working with Canada's official newspaper continue toawe and inspire me; its historic role in protecting the democratic rightsof Canadians is just one. I've always held that the most impressive featureof the Canada Gazette, however, is the quality of the team thatgets the publication out to readers week after week.

They keep working, no matter what, to meet strict deadlines. In our oldoffices - in Hull, Quebec, home of the Canada Gazette for decades- power interruptions used to occur frequently, but they would never slowproduction. Almost without thought, staff would grab the cardboard boxesever at the ready, and abandon the darkened, windowless offices for thecafeteria, the only part of the building whose windows maximized the naturallight. There, they would unpack the contents of the boxes - red and bluepens used in different stages of the editing process, rulers, scotch tape,staplers, and correction tape for masking mistakes. Even a half-day'sdelay in the production process could mean missing a publication deadline.In turn, failing to publish on schedule could affect the effectivenessof regulations. So, they worked in eerie silence - the other workers whoshared the offices having already left the powerless building - untilthe current issue of the Canada Gazette was finished.

This is the kind of shared history and pride that bring together thepeople who are the faces behind the printed pages of the Canada Gazette.It is a part of the reason why most of the 19-member production team hasmore than a decade of continued service on the production of the CanadaGazette. Theirs is a dedication built on pride in serving well a publicationthat has been at the heart of our democratic Government for over a centuryand a half.

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I would like to dedicate this book to those individuals who, over theyears, have worked through illness, storms, holidays and power outagesto guarantee Canadians' right to information that can affect their dailylives.

As we herald the remarkable achievements of the Canada Gazette,let us marvel in its rich history, for it is only by remaining in touchwith our roots that gives us all a sense of belonging and being connectedto the world.

Heartfelt thanks are given to the current production team of the CanadaGazette.

Original signed by:
Carole Kennedy

Canada Gazette Directorate
(7 years of service)

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