Your comments and input play an important part in Canada’s regulatory process. Do you have an opinion on the types of controls that should be put in place to safeguard the environment, the foods you eat, or the drugs you buy? These are just some of the many regulations that affect the daily lives of Canadians.

The Cabinet Directive on Regulatory Management requires that federal departments and agencies demonstrate that Canadians have been consulted and that they have had an opportunity to participate in developing or modifying regulations and regulatory programs.

Pre-publication in Part Ⅰ of the Canada Gazette gives various interested groups and individuals, as well as Canadians in general, a final opportunity to review and comment on a proposed regulation at the last stages of the regulation-making process, before it is enacted and published in Part Ⅱ of the Canada Gazette.

Pre-publication also gives interested parties, those stakeholders previously consulted at the beginning of the regulatory process, the opportunity to see how the final draft proposal is in keeping with previous consultation drafts.

Current Consultations in the Canada Gazette

The following contains a list of the current proposed regulations about which you are invited to send your comments:

Department of Health
Proposed Regulations: Cribs, Cradles and Bassinets Regulations
RIAS: Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement
Date of publication: Saturday, July 25, 2015
Number of days for comments: 75 days (Until October 8, 2015)
Contact: Megan Fairfull

You can access more Government of Canada consultations through the Government of Canada Consultation Portal. This Consultation Portal focuses on providing a list of links to departmental consultation activities and to related information.