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2019 Summer statutory holidays deadline schedule — Part I

June 3, 2019

The arrival of summer brings a number of statutory holidays which will affect the deadlines to submit your notices. Even though the 2019 Part I — Publication and deadline information is posted on the Canada Gazette website, the Canada Gazette Directorate has prepared the following 2019 summer statutory holidays deadline schedule for your convenience and ease of reference.

2019 Summer statutory holidays deadline schedule — Part I
Publication date Deadline
July 6, 2019 Noon, Thursday, June 27, 2019
August 10, 2019 Noon, Thursday, August 1, 2019
September 7, 2019 Noon, Thursday, August 29, 2019

Note: Should you need to publish a notice that is more than six (6) pages, please make special arrangements in advance of the deadline with the revisors, Canada Gazette, Part I, at 613-996-1268.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Canada Gazette Directorate

Web accessibility

April 8, 2019

As part of the Government of Canada, the Canada Gazette Directorate (CGD) is committed to ensuring that a high level of Web accessibility is applied uniformly across it website.

If you are a public sector organization, I would like to remind you that all texts sent to the CGD, including tables, must meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. As stated by the Treasury Board Secretariat, the Government of Canada commits to Web accessibility since it allows a wider range of people with disabilities to access published content. Please also refer to Content Style Guide to ensure your content will be Web accessible in HTML format. If you require help on accessibility after consulting those two links, kindly ask for support from Web specialists within your department or organization.

Thank you,

Lyne Tassé
Canada Gazette Directorate

Canada Gazette 2019 to 2020 publication calendar

The Canada Gazette Directorate prepares each year a calendar with publication dates for Part I and Part II as well as the deadlines for submitting notices for Part I.

The 2019 to 2020 publication and deadline calendar is available in PDF and HTML formats so that you can plan well in advance the publication of your notices.

We also offer you an iCal calendar. With a single click, you can record in your electronic calendar all publication dates for Part I and Part II of the Canada Gazette as well as deadlines for submitting notices for Part I. Indeed, by downloading this calendar, it will automatically appear with your other calendars in Outlook.

For more information about deadlines and publication procedures, visit our website or contact us at

Lyne Tassé
Canada Gazette Directorate

Canada Gazette team wins the Client Service Award

June 26, 2018

Good day,

The Department of Public Services and Procurement awarded the Client Service Award to the Canada Gazette team for service excellence.

The Canada Gazette team received this recognition thanks to outstanding results obtained in a client satisfaction survey conducted in December 2017 by the independent firm Léger Marketing. In fact, 100% of clients said they were satisfied with the services provided by the Canada Gazette staff, and 95% were very satisfied, as the following data eloquently indicates.

  • The staff is professional: 100%
  • The staff is competent: 100%
  • The services are provided within a reasonable period of time: 100%
  • The staff is friendly and courteous: 100%
  • Clients have confidence in the quality of the services provided by the staff: 97%
  • The staff shows interest and is willing to help clients: 100%
  • The staff is easily accessible: 100%
  • The staff is knowledgeable: 97%
  • The staff takes the necessary time to meet client needs: 97%

This is very remarkable, especially since the Canada Gazette team deals with a very diverse clientele from the public and private sectors.

Users of the Canada Gazette website itself also expressed great satisfaction. In fact, 81% of visitors said they were generally satisfied with the website. Visitors also reported that the website and its features meet 75% of their needs, while clients reported that 94% of their needs are met.

I invite you to consult the Archived - client satisfaction survey on the Library and Archives Canada website.

I congratulate all members of the Canada Gazette team for these wonderful accomplishments.

Lyne Tassé
Canada Gazette Directorate

It is now even easier to stay connected to the Canada Gazette!

March 16, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam:

The Canada Gazette Directorate offers you the opportunity to subscribe to a new service in order to be better informed. This email notification service allows you to receive a message when new content is added on the Canada Gazette website in the category of your choice.

The four categories available to you are: new insertions rates, new or modified elements in Canada Gazette announcements, new publication and deadline calendars, and special news releases.

For more information concerning the new service, do not hesitate to contact us at

Lyne Tassé
Canada Gazette Directorate

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