Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 146, Number 16: Index

April 21, 2012


Canada Border Services Agency

Special Import Measures Act

Certain potassium silicate solids — Decisions

Canada Revenue Agency

Income Tax Act

Revocation of registration of charities

Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board

Canada-Newfoundland Atlantic Accord Implementation Act

Call for Bids No. NL12-02 (Area “C” — Flemish Pass)

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

Replacement class screening report — Annual Minor Re-dredging Program Western Newfoundland and Southern Labrador — Public notice

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Canada Agricultural Products Act

Notice of intent with respect to a proposal to establish an importer licensing regime

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Act

Notice amending the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Fees Notice

Canadian International Trade Tribunal

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission


Notices of consultation

Public Service Commission

Public Service Employment Act


Bank of Canada

Financial statements (year ended December 31, 2011) — Financial reporting responsibility

Environment, Dept. of the

Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999

Environment, Dept. of the, and Dept. of Health

Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999

Industry, Dept. of


Notice of Vacancies

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Dept. of

Criminal Code

Designation as fingerprint examiner

Transport, Dept. of

Canada Marine Act

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority — Supplementary letters patent



House of Commons

Filing applications for private bills (First Session, Forty-First Parliament) footnote *


Citizenship and Immigration, Dept. of

Citizenship Act

Regulations Amending the Citizenship Regulations

Environment, Dept. of the

Species at Risk Act

Order Amending Schedule 1 to the Species at Risk Act


Copyright Board

Statement of Proposed Royalties to Be Collected by CMRRA-SODRAC Inc. for the Reproduction of Musical Works, in Canada, by Multi-Channel Subscription Radio Services in 2013