Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 153, Number 34: COMMISSIONS

August 24, 2019



Notice No. HA-2019-012

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal will hold public hearings to consider the appeals referenced hereunder. The hearings will be held beginning at 9:30 a.m., in the Tribunal’s Hearing Room No. 2, 18th Floor, 333 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, Ontario. Interested persons planning to attend should contact the Tribunal at 613‑998‑9908 to obtain further information and to confirm that the hearing will be held as scheduled.

Customs Act
Toolway Industries v. President of the Canada Border Services Agency
Date of Hearing September 24, 2019
Appeal No. AP-2018-056
Goods in Issue Door levers
Issue Whether the goods in issue are eligible for the conditional relief of duties conferred by the special provisions of tariff item No. 9979.00.00 as goods specifically designed to assist persons with disabilities in alleviating the effects of those disabilities, as claimed by Toolway Industries.
Tariff Item at Issue Toolway Industries—9979.00.00
Customs Act
Agrisac (6350747 Canada Inc.) v. President of the Canada Border Services Agency
Date of Hearing September 26, 2019
Appeal No. AP-2016-049
Goods in Issue Various styles and sizes of woven polypropylene bags
Issue Whether the goods in issue are entitled to the benefit of tariff item No. 9903.00.00 as articles for use in machinery for packing fresh fruit or vegetables from the dumper, feed table, bin or hopper stage to the box or bag closing stage, and articles for use in agricultural or horticultural machines of heading No. 84.36, as claimed by Agrisac (6350747 Canada Inc.).
Tariff Item at Issue Agrisac (6350747 Canada Inc.)—9903.00.00



The Commission posts on its website the decisions, notices of consultation and regulatory policies that it publishes, as well as information bulletins and orders. On April 1, 2011, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure came into force. As indicated in Part 1 of these Rules, some broadcasting applications are posted directly on the Commission’s website, under “Part 1 Applications.”

To be up to date on all ongoing proceedings, it is important to regularly consult “Today’s Releases” on the Commission’s website, which includes daily updates to notices of consultation that have been published and ongoing proceedings, as well as a link to Part 1 applications.

The following documents are abridged versions of the Commission’s original documents. The original documents contain a more detailed outline of the applications, including the locations and addresses where the complete files for the proceeding may be examined. These documents are posted on the Commission’s website and may also be examined at the Commission’s offices and public examination rooms. Furthermore, all documents relating to a proceeding, including the notices and applications, are posted on the Commission’s website under “Public Proceedings.”


Decision number Publication date Applicant's name Undertaking City Province
2019-287 August 12, 2019 Radio communautaire Tête-à-la-Baleine CJTB-FM Tête-à-la-Baleine Quebec
2019-289 August 15, 2019 Fabmar Communications Ltd. Various undertakings Various locations Various provinces
2019-290 August 15, 2019 Radio communautaire enfant-ado Gatineau-Ottawa CJEU Ottawa and Gatineau Ontario and Quebec
2019-291 August 15, 2019 Burnt Islands Economic Development Board Inc. CHBI-FM Burnt Islands Newfoundland and Labrador
2019-292 August 15, 2019 7954689 Canada Inc. CFQR Montréal Quebec



Exelon Generation Company, LLC

By an application dated August 16, 2019, Exelon Generation Company, LLC (the “Applicant”) has applied to the National Energy Board (the “Board”), under Division II of Part VI of the National Energy Board Act (the “Act”), for authorization to export up to 6 000 000 MWh of combined firm and interruptible energy annually for a period of 10 years. The Applicant, or its affiliates, has an interest in the following generation or transmission facilities in Canada: Grande Prairie Generation, Inc. – Grande Prairie No. 1 (Alberta, Canada).

The Board wishes to obtain the views of interested parties on this application before issuing a permit or recommending to the Governor in Council that the application be designated for a licensing procedure. The directions on procedure that follow explain in detail the procedure that will be used.

Sheri Young