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Email notification service


The email notification service will cease to be offered on November 12, 2021.

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RSS feeds

View and subscribe to any of the following Canada Gazette RSS feeds:

About our RSS feeds

The Canada Gazette RSS feeds are free of charge. Each part of the Canada Gazette has its own RSS feed, which includes the publication date, the title and a short description, and you can receive an instant update as soon as it is published.

You will receive:

  • the full HTML version for Part I and Part II
  • the PDF version for Part III

Why readers subscribe to RSS feeds

RSS feeds are a good alternative to email notifications because you can:

  • stay informed by receiving updates as soon as content is added
  • eliminate the number of emails you receive and cut down on your risk of receiving spam
  • reduce your chances of missing notifications that get deleted or caught in your spam filter

How to receive RSS feeds

You will need an RSS reader. Your web browser may already have a built-in RSS reader. If yours does not, you must first download a feed reader or news aggregator from the Internet. Many readers are available free of charge.

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