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How to comment on proposed regulations. Find the latest proposed regulations.

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How to comment on proposed regulations

Federal departments and agencies give interested groups, individuals and all Canadians the opportunity to review and comment on proposed regulations before they become official.

How to submit comments by email

Review the regulatory impact analysis statement and proposed regulation text. Submit your comments to the specified individual by the due date.

How to submit using the new online commenting feature

We’ve created a new commenting feature on our website that allows you to comment on proposed regulations published in Part I of the Canada Gazette. Once the consultation period is over, you will also be able to view all submitted comments on our website.

Beginning in April 2021, the online commenting feature will be available for a sampling of proposed regulations. We are taking this step to measure how the changes will impact regulators and commenters alike.

Infographic: How to comment on proposed regulations using the online feature

How to comment on proposed regulations using the online feature - text version below
Text version

The graphic shows the three steps on how to comment on a proposed regulation.

  1. Comment on one or more sections, or in the general comment box
  2. Identify yourself as an individual, an organization or anonymous
  3. Submit your comment

All comments conforming to government guidelines will be posted online at the conclusion of the consultation period.

Find the latest proposed regulations

The list of proposed regulations starts with the most recently published.

There are currently no proposed regulations for which comments can be submitted.

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