Part I, Vol. 146, 1st quarterly index

This Quarterly Index of the Canada Gazette covers edition numbers 1 to 13. The date and page numbers of these editions are, for reference purposes, set out in the table below.


Canada Border Services Agency

Special Import Measures Act

Canada Employment Insurance Commission

Employment Insurance Regulations

Notice to interested parties

Canada Revenue Agency

Income Tax Act

Canada—Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board

Canada—Newfoundland Atlantic Accord Implementation Act

Canada—Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board

Canada—Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Resources Accord Implementation Act

Issuance of exploration licences

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

Model class screening report—Routine projects at front country facilities in Jasper National Park—Public notice

Canadian International Trade Tribunal

Aluminum extrusions


Potassium silicate solids

Stainless steel sinks

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission


Information bulletins

Notices of consultation


Regulatory policy


Hazardous Materials Information Review Commission

Hazardous Materials Information Review Act

National Energy Board

Parks Canada Agency

Species at Risk Act

Description of critical habitat of Dwarf Hackberry in Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Public Service Commission

Public Service Employment Act

Permission granted



Bank of Canada


Statement of financial position as at

Environment, Dept. of the

Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999

Migratory Birds Convention Act , 1994

Notice of intent

Environment, Dept. of the, and Dept. of Health

Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999

Finance, Dept. of

Budget Implementation Act, 2007 and Budget and Economic Statement Implementation Act, 2007

Coming into force

Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Dept. of

Health, Dept. of

Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

Notice to interested parties—Proposed amendment to Schedule III to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the Schedule to Part J of the Food and Drug Regulations

Department of Health Act

Notice amending Health Canada’s Drug Master Files and Certificate of a Pharmaceutical Product fees

Financial Administration Act

Notice of annual increase of fees

Food and Drugs Act

Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Dept. of

Canada Petroleum Resources Act

Northwest Territories and Nunavut Mining Regulations

Prospecting permits

Industry, Dept. of


Boards of Trade Act

Canada Corporations Act

Competition Act

Revised Competition Act pre-merger notification transaction-size threshold for 2012

Department of Industry Act and Radiocommunication Act

SMSE-003-12—Consultation on the Licensing Framework for Fixed-Satellite Service (FSS) and Broadcasting-Satellite Service (BSS) in Canada

Investment Canada Act

Amount for the year 2012

Radiocommunication Act

Telecommunications Act

DGTP-001-12—Petition to the Governor in Council concerning Telecom Decision CRTC 2011-733

Trade-marks Act

Geographical indications

Justice, Dept. of

Statutes Repeal Act

List of repeals

Notice of Vacancies

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Dept. of

Criminal Code

Public Works and Government Services, Dept. of

Expropriation Act

Notice of intention to expropriate

Superintendent of Financial Institutions, Office of the

Assessment of Pension Plans Regulations

Basic rate

Bank Act

Schedules I, II and III

Insurance Companies Act

Trust and Loan Companies Act

Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court Act

Session advanced

Transport, Dept. of

Canada Marine Act

Sept-Îles Port Authority—Supplementary letters patent

Canada Shipping Act, 2001

Western Canada Marine Response Corporation








Fisheries and Oceans, Department of


Georges St-Pierre Foundation (The), relocation of head office



KATIMAVIK YOUTH SERVICES, surrender of charter






Quinte Watershed Cleanup Inc., surrender of charter




Timber Run Hydropower Corporation, Dominion Water Power Act application and commencement of environmental screening




Youth Apprenticeship Standards Council, surrender of charter


Zaka Foundation, relocation of head office


Government House


Chief Electoral Officer

Canada Elections Act

Deregistration of a registered electoral district association

Determination of number of electors

Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act

Statement of number of members of the House of Commons to be assigned to each of the provinces

Commissioner of Canada Elections

Canada Elections Act

House of Commons


Royal Assent


Citizenship and Immigration, Dept. of

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Regulations Amending the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations

Finance, Dept. of

Bank Act , Cooperative Credit Associations Act, Insurance Companies Act and Trust and Loan Companies Act

Regulations Amending the Credit Business Practices (Banks, Authorized Foreign Banks, Trust and Loan Companies, Retail Associations, Canadian Insurance Companies and Foreign Insurance Companies) Regulations

Canadian Payments Act

By-law Amending Certain By-laws Made Under the Canadian Payments Act

Fisheries and Oceans, Dept. of

Fisheries Act

Regulations Amending the Marine Mammal Regulations

Great Lakes Pilotage Authority

Pilotage Act

Regulations Amending the Great Lakes Pilotage Tariff Regulations

Health, Dept. of

Canada Consumer Product Safety Act

Administrative Monetary Penalties (Consumer Products) Regulations

Food and Drugs Act

Industry, Dept. of

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

Personal Health Information Custodians in Newfoundland and Labrador Exemption Order

Justice, Dept. of

Criminal Code

Order Amending the Approved Screening Devices Order

Natural Resources, Dept. of

Canada—Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Resources Accord Implementation Act

Crown Share Adjustment Payments Regulations

Explosives Act

Explosives Regulations, 2012

Transport, Dept. of

Motor Vehicle Safety Act

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992

Regulations Amending the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (Amendment 11)


Copyright Board

Statement of Proposed Levies to Be Collected by CPCC on the Sale, in Canada, of Blank Audio Recording Media for the Year 2014, see Canada Gazette No. 6

Transport, Dept. of

Canada Marine Act

Letters Patent issued to the Oshawa Port Authority, see Canada Gazette No. 7

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